A better way to make donations.

Open a Flexible Giving Account to simplify, manage, and budget your donations to over 2,000 nonprofits. Add funds and make your first donation in under 5 minutes. No fees, no paperwork, no pledging, and complete privacy. It's the way giving should be.

Your generosity just got empowered.

Find the freedom to give in a way that works best for you. From quickly making a single onetime donation to setting up several automatic budgeted donations, take advantage of the features that'll simplify your giving.

Budgeted giving

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One-time giving

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Simple giving statements

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Mutual Giving Funds

Donate to a specific cause, and we'll distribute your funds to the nonprofits making a difference in that world. From children and restoration to international and local impacts, our mutual giving funds are a simple way to give to a cause you care most about.

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Employer deposit

We're giving employers the power to automatically deduct charitable giving from your paychecks, match your donation amounts, and deposit funds directly into your Flexible Giving Account. You then choose which nonprofits to donate the money to.

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Privacy is very important to us

Giving should be private, flexible, and free of guilt. So we vow to never share your contact information or donation activity with any nonprofits.

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How we pay the nonprofits

We distribute 95% of all donations directly to nonprofits each and every month, no matter how big or how small the donation.

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