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Fearless Fund

The Fearless Fund focuses on supporting the charitable organizations participating with the Fearless Foundation, a 503(c) nonprofit located in Sioux Falls, SD. These participating charitable organizations have a variety of local and international focuses including fighting oppression, poverty, and addiction to supporting the children, families, and veterans all around us.

Fearless Fund

Contribute to over 20 nonprofits in Sioux Falls, SD.

Even a mouse can help a lion.

Many fearless individuals dedicate their lives to helping people, and to bringing change to every disrupted corner of the world. They spend weeks and months on the front lines of poverty, abuse, struggle, and pain trying to cast the smallest ray of positive light on every situation. But in order for those people to succeed they need every bit of support they can get. Every motivating word, every encouraging idea, and every financial contribution plays an equal part.

Participating Charitable Organizations (PCO) and growing
Lives Changed

How funds are distributed.

The Fearless Foundation's board of directors will vote to either equally distribute funds from this account across all participating charitable organizations listed below, or focus the funds based on the immediate needs of specific causes or nonprofits.

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